Why Choose us

Why Choose Monument Cleaning & Restoration

As a provider of complete property damage emergency services and restoration for 30 years that has restored hundreds of properties, the Monument Cleaning & Restoration team is uniquely qualified to provide the best service to your customer. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should us today on 07160 720 119.

Emergency Response

Our company is ready to respond to your property damage, 24/7.

Our promise:

• 30 minute first contact

• Onsite within hours

• Thorough documentation

• Empathy and concern for your customer

Certified, Qualified & Professional Offices

Monument Cleaning & Restoration must meet and maintain stringent standards in order to participate in insurance clients’ national vendor programs and represent the Monument brand. This ensures that property owners receive the highest quality service.

Our standards include:

• Properly logoed vehicles and technicians

• Technicians trained in IICRC approved courses (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

• Background checks

• High insurance coverage requirements

• Consistently high performance on service level standards and damage estimate quality assurance


For 30 years, Monument Cleaning & Restoration have been at the forefront of innovation in the property damage emergency services and restoration industry. From pioneering computerized estimates, to three-day drying, to new water damage assessment and monitoring technology, We have provided significant value to the insurance industry in cycle time reduction and cost management.

National Claims Assignment Center

Operating 24/7, our call center quickly and accurately distributes your claim assignment  to ensure your customer’s loss is addressed as quickly as possible.

Quality Assurance

For insurance carriers, getting data regarding your policyholders’ property damage claims quickly, accurately and according to your specifications is critical. Our Quality Assurance department was established to address this need. Staffed with experienced insurance restoration professionals, we can review estimates, centralize the writing of estimates and provide detailed data to help you more efficiently manage the claims process.


We have a company-owned, state-of-the-art training center where new and existing employees earn IICRC-approved certifications in property damage related courses. Our facility includes a complete contents restoration equipment and other hands-on training modules providing students some of the best preparation available in the industry.

If you have a property damage emergency call us now on 01760 720 119