Soft Clean Blasting

Our trained staff use the Soft Clean Blasting System for restoration and renovation.

Using abrasive blasting, the ability to use extremely fine or coarse media (with densities ranging from plastic to steel) as well as being able to use hot water and soap for simultaneous de-greasing and blasting, elimination of dust are some of the common features of this system.

The presence of water between the media and the substrate being cleaned creates a lubricating cushion that protects both the media and the surface from any excess damage. This has the added effects of lowering media breakdown rates as well as preventing the impregnation of foreign materials into the surface.

This process is ideal for many surfaces including delicate woodwork, period timbers, ornate masonry as well as heavy steelworks, paint and concrete removal.

Oak Beam Blasting

Using the Soft Clean Blasting System we can offer you  Oak Beam Blasting, removing stains, markings, paint, lime-wash and tanning from the wood. For more delicate jobs, we can instead utilise a Poultice system to effectively clean surfaces without the need for blasting.