Paint Removal

We specialise in Paint Removal and Paint Stripping.

Offering a professional service we provide facade maintenance which helps to protect your building from problems including damp and water ingress. Various modern paints apply a layer that does not allow a brick surface to breathe. Utilising chemicals, thinners and the DOFF system we are able to remove these layers of paint from brick surfaces, taking them back to their original beauty.

Paint Removal & Paint Stripping

Poultice System

We also utilise a Poultice system which consists of an absorbent material. This consists of a paste which is applied to the area requiring treatment. The paste is kept moist and we leave it on the surface for as long as is needed to draw the stain out of the masonry. As the paste dries, it absorbs the stain so that it is not transferred to any other area of the masonry surface. Once the stain has been fully removed, the paste is allowed to harden and becomes a thick film which can then be easily removed.

Paint Removal & Paint Stripping 4

Chemical Cleaners

We use two main techniques in our Chemical Cleaning process, each one suited for specific purposes. For the removal of thicker paint layers, Paint Softeners are used which don’t cause damage to the substrate nor create salts. Depending on the severity of the job, Paint Softeners are left for up to 24 hours. The paint is then removed and the surface cleaned by utilising our DOFF or TORC Cleaning System.

Paint Removal & Paint Stripping 3